The three pillars of good health Diet, Exercise, and Sleep….

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Welcome to Gx Pillows

Unlock the benefits of a good night’s sleep with a Gx Pillow.

Gx Technology inside keeps the pillow supportive during the night for an amazing new sleep experience! Our innovative design means our products are so much more than just ordinary pillows.

GX Pillows

Hi Alexander !! A wee testimonial for your wonder pillow !!

It is rare that something advertised as unique and life changing turns out to be true !! I have a chronic back and neck situation and I can honestly say these pillows make a HUGE DIFFERENCE !!! Comfortable ... supportive ... and positively magical for my neck !!

Have passed the word on !! Congratulations !!
A pillow that makes a real difference !!
Many, many thanks”
Rula Lenska

GX Pillows

The Gx Suspension Pillow has helped tens of thousands of people rediscover the benefits of a great night’s sleep.

Top Harley Street Consultant, Dr Deane Halfpenny, specialises in spinal pain and had this to say about his own experience of using the pillow:

“I can honestly say that your pillow has made the world of difference…and fully endorse your pillow as being quite unique in its ability to maintain support throughout the night.”

How does a Gx Pillow work?

Are you tired of waking in the night and punching your pillow back into shape? Our revolutionary internal support ties pull the pillow up and into your head and neck giving you extra comfort and support. The difference is amazing; the innovative design helps reduce pillow spread ensuring you remain comfortable throughout the night.

Gx Suspension Pillow™

The Gx Suspension Pillow is the perfect sleeping pillow. Available in Medium-soft and Medium-firm, the unique internal ties (the first of their kind in the world) pull the pillow up and in to gently cradle the head and neck, providing comfort that lasts through the night. If you’ve forgotten the pleasure of a great night’s sleep try the Gx Suspension Pillow, it’s the pillow that hugs you back.

Gx Support Pillow

The Gx Support Pillow has more substantial internal ties and is designed to provide the firmer support you need around your shoulders and back whilst sitting up.  It’s the ideal pillow for reading in bed but it’s also great for using on the sofa; actually whenever you feel your posture needs a little more security you should reach for the Gx Support Pillow.

Gx Camper Pillow

The Gx Camper Pillow has the same amazing internal tie technology but in a compact format perfect for camping and caravanning; it’s 70% of the size of the original Gx Suspension Pillow with 100% of the comfort. When you spend the night away but want a great night’s sleep like you get at home, reach for the Gx Camper Pillow, you really shouldn’t leave home without it.

What makes a Gx Pillow special?

Amazing Support

Gx Technology inside keeps the pillow supportive during the night. Our special internal ties give an amazing new sleep experience!

Gorgeous Filling

Gx Pillows are filled with our own blend Polycoz, a gorgeously soft and hypoallergenic polyester hollow fibre. No Feathers!

100% Cotton

The Gx Suspension Pillow now features a 100% cotton shell for a more luxurious feel and even greater comfort.

Air Vent Technology

Our Gx Suspension Pillow now includes an integral air vent to enable cooling air to circulate through the pillow while you sleep.

Made in Britain

All of our pillows are made at our own factory in Pontyclun, South Wales by our highly trained manufacturing team.

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What our customers think

I seem to have spent a lifetime trying to find the right pillow for me. This is it. Perfect support, comfortable for side and back sleeping. A very clever design.

After trying virtually every pillow type I bought these pillows not really expecting much. How wrong I was, definitely best pillows EVER!!!!

My hubby has neck problems and was not sleeping well. I bought this pillow, what a difference, a good night's sleep every night since we bought it. Going to get some more, it’s the best pillow ever.

For me, the moment I rested my head on this pillow, it felt a different experience…thank you for bringing this product, it really has changed my sleep and I'm spreading the word.

I cannot believe that after 40 years I have finally found the best pillow ever!!!! You move it goes with you. It simply stays put and so comfy… fabulous, must buy more for hubby and a spare.

Amazing I've been so disappointed with pillows for years, always had to have two but this has replaced both and I love it! It feels very plump, lush and supportive!

Best purchase in a long time! I'll be getting them for every bedroom in the house. So comfortable!

This is fantastic, I really am surprised at how it feels, it's like I'm lying on a soft fluffy cloud!! I love it, worth every penny!

I bought this and it feels like my head is suspended and my neck is supported. I lie on my side and then my tummy and it works for both. Wonderful xx

Dear Gx Pillows

Thank you so much for designing the wonderful Gx Medium-soft Pillow. It has been quite a trial to find the right pillow for me but now it is found and is perfect.