Are you struggling with shoulder pain from sleeping uncomfortably..?

The wrong pillow can be a real pain - literally. If your pillow spreads and flattens in the night you might go to sleep comfortable but wake during the night, or in the morning, with pain in the shoulder or neck, and quite possibly a headache as well. The Gx Suspension Pillow could be the solution to your sleeping problems. It has been specifically designed with revolutionary internal ties to help cradle your head and neck in perfect comfort all through the night. It's important to keep your head, neck and back aligned when you sleep, with room for your shoulder to find a natural comfortable position with no pressure. Normal pillows whether feather, down or conventional hollow fibre tend to collapse as the weight of the head presses down on them during the night. This leads to waking as the head ends up in an uncomfortable position, often with the neck and shoulders at an unnatural angle, and can cause stiff, painful shoulders in the morning. This can happen whether you are a side sleeper or a back sleeper, both can suffer shoulder pain. To see how the Gx Suspension Pillow counters that read see some amazing reviews including one from top Orthopaedic Surgeon Deane Halfpenny, scroll to the bottom of the page...

How does a Gx Pillow work?

Our pillow has unique internal ties which help keep the hypoallergenic conjugated* hollow fibre filling in place. They also work to pull the pillow up and into your head and neck giving you extra comfort and support. The difference is amazing; the innovative design helps reduce pillow spread ensuring you remain comfortable throughout the night. Why suffer another disturbed night - the Gx Suspension Pillow could be the best investment you ever make. *Conjugated hollow fibre acts like tiny springs to help give our pillows their characteristic loft and bounce.

Comfort and support - the magic formula

Gx Suspension Pillows (Medium-soft)

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Top Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Deane Halfpenny from the London Orthopaedic Clinic had this to say about his own experience of using the pillow:

“…from the first night I tried it, there was a noticeable improvement with less pain at night and less stiffness in the morning. I continue to improve week by week and can honestly say that your pillow has made the world of difference. I have subsequently shared my experience with patients… and fully endorse your pillow as being quite unique in its ability to maintain support throughout the night.”

Just a few of the wonderful customer reviews for the Gx Suspension Pillow

Carys gave the Gx Suspension Pillow the following review: -

""I have paid a fortune on pillows over the years...trying to get the comfortable nights sleep I crave and failed until now. These are fantastic value and so comfortable. I have four for my husband and I but they are so plump we only need one each. They also hold their shape so well. I suffer with a frozen shoulder so often wake with pain when moving in the night but I've not moved since my head hits this pillow. I will be buying for the whole family. Thank you so much."

Alexis emailed in to leave a review on our website: -

"Much like other reviewers, I have bought many pillows in an attempt to find one which supports my neck & shoulders. This one really works - after a couple of nights' adjustment, the long-term pain in my shoulder disappeared, and I am enjoying a really restful night's sleep - fantastic! Also great customer service - thank you!"

Another customer, Audrey, had this to say: -

"Good Morning. It will be two weeks tomorrow since I received my pillow and it is amazing. For many months I have had a permanently stiff neck, but, in spite of using different pillows, I could not get rid of it. From the first night that I used this one, it has gone. Thank you. I will certainly be recommending it to my friends. Your Company deserves to prosper. Very best wishes."