Acid Reflux helped by the Gx Support Pillow

Acid Reflux helped by the Gx Support Pillow

Acid reflux (also known as GERD in its more chronic form) refers to the sour acid that can sometimes works its way up from your stomach into your mouth or throat. Its not uncommon to experience acid reflux and heartburn, especially after certain types of foods and drinks. Chocolates, fizzy drinks, cheese, fried food, milk, citrus fruits, caffeine and tomatoes can all contribute to the problem.

Lying down in bed can also exacerbate reflux so your GP may suggest that you prop your self up when you sleep so that the opening at the top of the stomach, the oesophageal sphincter, is kept above the contents of the stomach to stop any leakage. Many sufferers have tried the various wedge shaped pillows under a conventional pillow but they tend to be made from memory foam and, like normal memory foam pillows, they are rather unforgiving. If you are looking for an alternative pillow for acid reflux our Gx Support Pillow could be the answer. Used in conjunction with a Gx Suspension Pillow the Gx Support Pillow works to help hold your back and shoulders in place when sitting in bed - the position many GERD sufferers have to adopt while sleeping. You can either use the Gx Support Pillow below with a Gx Suspension Pillow on top - this is the best arrangement if you tend to shift onto your side when sleeping. Or you can use the Gx Suspension Pillow below with the Gx Support Pillow on top if you are more inclined to sleep upright resting on your back.

It's worth experimenting to see which combination works best - if you need to buy a Gx Support Pillow and Gx suspension Pillow together we offer what we call a Multi-pack in three combinations, you can have: -

2 x Gx Support Pillows

1 x Gx Support Pillow and 1 x Gx Suspension Pillow in Medium-soft


1 x Gx Support Pillow and 1 x Gx Suspension Pillow in Medium-firm

Just go to the Gx Multi-pack page and chose the required combination from the options. If you already have a Gx Suspension Pillow you can purchase a single Gx Support Pillow here