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Gx for Physios

As a Physiotherapist you’ll understand the importance of a good sleeping position - one that keeps the head, neck and spine aligned – both for the prevention of musculoskeletal injury and to aid recovery from such injuries.

The Physios we’ve spoken to while developing the Gx Pillow tell us that one of the questions they get asked most frequently is “What is the best pillow for my head/neck/shoulder/back?” Most conventional pillows lack the structure needed to keep the neck supported effectively, particularly for people who sleep on their back or side. A conventional pillow may start out reasonably supportive but as the night progresses the pillow tends to flatten and spread out leaving the head lower so that the neck is curved downwards and out of alignment with the spine.

The results of this pillow collapse can be head, neck, back or shoulder pain and the compounding factor of disturbed sleep - a vicious circle of pain and poor sleep develops.  Memory foam pillows with an integral neck support can help but they are too hard and unforgiving for most sleepers – what is needed is a pillow that offers balances softness for comfort and support for a healthy sleep posture.

Our breakthrough

Internal bracing

A lady smiles contentedly in her sleep as she rests her head on the unique Gx Suspension Pillow. The Gx Pillow is the only pillow in the world to feature patented internal ties which ensure the comfort and support last all night long

Softness and comfort

The internal ties are made of soft cotton so they cannot be felt by the sleeper, they also act to separate the pillow into two ‘compartments’ which help keep the specially developed filling in place. The filling is as important as the bracing, it’s this component that provides the softness and comfort that reassures the sleeper that they will get a good night’s sleep. We have two filling options: -

  • Our Polycoz blend goes into the original Gx Suspension Pillow available in Medium-soft or Medium-firm. Polycoz contains mostly conjugated virgin polyester hollow-fibre for loft and bounce blended with a small proportion of very fine ‘slick’ solid fibre to help lubricate the conjugated fibre for comfort. The Medium-firm has an extra 20% of the filling to give firmer support.

  • Our Gx Superlux Pillow contains a blend of mostly slick solid fibre and is designed to imitate expensive goose down pillows at a fraction of the price. This is a much weightier and more luxurious pillow but still benefitting from our Gx Internal Tie Technology.

In addition to the internal ties and our specially developed filling our pillows have another unique feature to aid restful sleep. One of the most common complaints about pillows is that they get too hot - stopping patients getting to sleep or waking them up during the night. Again we have applied some science to the problem of the pillow warming and come up with an ingenious solution. One end of the pillow has an integral air vent – a strip of highly porous voile ribbon - which allows the pillow to breathe. As the sleeper moves about slightly warm air is pushed out and cool air is drawn in, imagine a very gentle bellows effect, keeping the pillow cool throughout the night.

A pillow designed, developed and manufactured in the UK that has already helped tens of thousands of people achieve a better night’s sleep. We understand that Physiotherapy is an evidence-based practice but we also place great emphasis on the practical experiences of our thousands of customers. We have testimonials from customers with all kinds of physical complaints who have benefitted from the unique combination of comfort and support.


“Finally, a pillow which doesn’t hurt my head and neck (arthritis). I thought at first it might be too firm (Bought the medium soft one) But it does just what it says on the tin and I thoroughly recommend it. Am about to buy two more!”

Liz, High Wycombe

“Much like other reviewers, I have bought many pillows in an attempt to find one which supports my neck & shoulders. This one really works - after a couple of nights' adjustment, the long-term pain in my shoulder disappeared, and I am enjoying a really restful night's sleep - fantastic! Also great customer service - thank you!” 

Alexis, Horsham

“After reading reviews I bought the medium-soft pillow. After trying a memory foam pillow which I could not sleep on…too uncomfortable...I bought the Best night's sleep in many years...pure heaven to sleep on... fantastic pillow. Thank you.” 

Carl, Salford

“These pillows are fantastic and the most comfortable I have ever had. I suffer from neck problems and have been able to cut back on painkillers in the week that I have been using them, they are supportive and cosy and I would fully recommend them.” 

Marilyn, Billericay