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GX Camper Pillow

For great sleep wherever you are

Do you love camping or caravanning but miss the comfort of your bed at home? The unique GX Camper Pillow is the answer; the same innovative internal ties work to pull the pillow in and up around your head and neck for unbelievable comfort and support in a compact pillow measuring approximately 20”x13”x7”. Our Camper Pillowcases and Bespoke Cushion Covers complete the look - we have Poly-cotton or Pure 100% Cotton for sleeping and we can make bespoke covers to order using your own favourite material (see below for details).

  • Bespoke Camper Pillow Covers

    Make your Gx Camper Pillows even more special with zipped covers made from your favourite fabric. Turn your night-time pillow into a day-time cushion - all we need is 1 metre of your fabric to make a pair of bespoke Camper Cushion Covers. You send us the fabric, we send you the made up covers - and only £11.99 per pair + p&p.

    For more information on our bespoke pillow case service please email hello@gxpillows.co.uk

What Our Customers Say

I used to toss and turn, constantly trying to plump up my pillow throughout the night. I have bought so many pillows over the years trying to find a comfortable one that does not go flat. The GX pillow is the best pillow by far that I ever tried, sleeping so much better, would recommend to all!

I wanted to thank you for the best pillow in the world. I have problems with my neck and shoulders and saw this so thought I would try it. I've spent so much money on pillows over the years. I've had your pillow for about 5 weeks and a good nights sleep every night with no pain in neck or shoulders. I'm 70 years old and finally am getting the sleep I've been looking for. I have recommended you to family and friends.

Only had them for a day. EXTREMELY Comfortable. A GUARANTEE for a sound sleep every night!! Thanks.

Hi, I have been sleeping on this pillow for many nights now, and it is undoubtedly the best pillow I have ever had. I have several health issues that mean I've very disturbed nights, and find that it's hard to get comfortable in bed. This pillow has transformed my nights sleep, I love it!! In fact, I am so impressed by it that I have ordered the firm support pillow from the website as well, for sitting up reading in bed, and I am eagerly awaiting it!!

The Suspension pillow is definitely worth the money. Really comfy! I am a very restless sleeper, constantly moving. The pillow just moulds itself to whatever position I move into and is so comfortable. I quite often bring it into the lounge and use when I'm watching TV. I highly recommend it.

Eureka!  At last... I had the best nights sleep after receiving my pillow.  I used to toss and turn all through the night... not anymore! I woke up refreshed instead of worn out!  Thanks!

Gx pillows camping