Where did the name Gx come from?

At times like these, when your child’s life is in the hands of others, you’d give anything to be able to help. 

Fortunately, after intensive treatment and many operations, Georgia came home, but there was still a huge obstacle standing in the way of her recovery. She couldn’t get comfortable at night, so she was unable to benefit fully from the healing power of sleep. 

Having purchased every pillow known to man, and all to no avail, I started tearing the pillows apart, trying to understand why they didn’t work, what it was that made them so uncomfortable. Hollow fibre, foam, feather and down, from the cheapest to the most expensive, I discovered that they all spread out and flattened during the night. This settling of the filling contributes significantly to disturbed sleep as people shift position during the night and the pillow fails to support the head and neck consistently. If you have ever had the experience, half asleep, of “pillow punching”, that is what you are doing – trying to rearrange the filling back to how it was when you first lay down.

With a background in furniture and domestic product design I knew I could come up with an innovative solution to solve this problem – now, finally, was my opportunity to help my daughter. 

What I devised was a system of internal ties that keep the filling of the Gx Pillow in place, rather than spreading out and flattening down as other pillows do, our pillow pulls in and up. In the Gx Suspension PillowTM the ties work to gently cradle the head and neck to provide extra comfort that lasts throughout the night. In the Gx Support Pillow more substantial ties give firmer support to your back and shoulders to secure your posture while you sit.

Success…my daughter was sleeping beautifully, the quality rest aiding her recovery. Then friends, family and colleagues all wanted my new pillow and, before I knew it, I was in the pillow business.

So, you’re wondering where the name Gx comes from – it’s as simple as the love between father and daughter. Since she could first write, whenever Georgia sends me a card she signs it with her initial and a kiss…

 The Gx Suspension PillowTM, it worked for my daughter and I’m sure it will work for you…