Gx Wonder Cooler

Wonder Cooler undersheets & pillowcases to keep you cool all night. Feeling is believing...

Woven from a revolutionary new type of cooling fibre, the fabric used for the Gx Wonder Cooler undersheet and pillowcase has been years in development and is designed specifically to keep you cool at night.

The fabric has a much higher thermal conductivity than conventional bedding so it quickly moves the heat from your body, this combined with excellent moisture wicking properties ensures that the Gx Wonder Cooler feels incredibly cool to the touch.

“Feeling is believing” so order your undersheet and pillowcases now and experience the unique refreshing coolness. When you receive the Gx Wonder Cooler just place the flat of your hand onto the fabric and if you are not immediately astonished by how cool the fabric feels please return and we will refund.

This fabric has absolutely amazed us all at Gx, we feel sure it will amaze you too!

The Gx Pillow Wonder Cooler Range

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