What price do you put on a good night's sleep?

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Welcome to Gx Pillows

Are you suffering from poor quality sleep? . . .

Gx Technology inside keeps the pillow supportive during the night for an amazing new sleep experience! Our innovative design means our products are so much more than just ordinary pillows.

How does a Gx Pillow work?

Are you tired of waking in the night and punching your pillow back into shape? Our revolutionary internal support ties pull the pillow up and into your head and neck giving you extra comfort and support. The difference is amazing; the innovative design helps reduce pillow spread ensuring you remain comfortable throughout the night.

Gx Suspension Pillow

The Gx Suspension Pillow is the perfect sleeping pillow. Medium-soft in texture, the unique internal ties (the first of their kind in the world) pull the pillow up and in to gently cradle the head and neck, providing comfort that lasts through the night. If you’ve forgotten the pleasure of a great night’s sleep try the Gx Suspension Pillow, it’s the pillow that hugs you back.

Gx Support Pillow

The Gx Support Pillow has more substantial internal ties and is designed to provide the firmer support you need around your shoulders and back whilst sitting up.  It’s the ideal pillow for reading in bed but it’s also great for using on the sofa; actually whenever you feel your posture needs a little more security you should reach for the Gx Support Pillow.

What makes a Gx Pillow special?

Amazing Support

Gx Technology inside keeps the pillow supportive during the night for an amazing new sleep experience!

Gorgeous Filling

Gx Pillows are filled with a gorgeously soft and hypoallergenic Polyester Hollow Fibre.
No Feathers!

Feel Refreshed

The three pillars of health are diet, exercise and sleep; unlock the benefits of rejuvenating sleep with Gx.

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What our customers think

I’ve found my perfect pillow! I’ve been sleeping on it for 2 months now and its wonderful!

I used to toss and turn, constantly trying to plump up my pillow throughout the night. I have bought so many pillows over the years trying to find a comfortable one that does not go flat. The GX pillow is the best pillow by far that I ever tried, sleeping so much better, would recommend to all!

This pillow is perfect if you suffer from neck tension. I love it!

I wanted to thank you for the best pillow in the world. I have problems with my neck and shoulders and saw this so thought I would try it. I've spent so much money on pillows over the years. I've had your pillow for about 5 weeks and a good nights sleep every night with no pain in neck or shoulders. I'm 70 years old and finally am getting the sleep I've been looking for. I have recommended you to family and friends.

Only had them for a day. EXTREMELY Comfortable. A GUARANTEE for a sound sleep every night!! Thanks.

Hi, I have been sleeping on this pillow for many nights now, and it is undoubtedly the best pillow I have ever had. I have several health issues that mean I've very disturbed nights, and find that it's hard to get comfortable in bed. This pillow has transformed my nights sleep, I love it!! In fact, I am so impressed by it that I have ordered the firm support pillow from the website as well, for sitting up reading in bed, and I am eagerly awaiting it!!

The Suspension pillow is definitely worth the money. Really comfy! I am a very restless sleeper, constantly moving. The pillow just moulds itself to whatever position I move into and is so comfortable. I quite often bring it into the lounge and use when I'm watching TV. I highly recommend it.

Eureka!  At last... I had the best nights sleep after receiving my pillow.  I used to toss and turn all through the night... not anymore! I woke up refreshed instead of worn out!  Thanks!

This is no ordinary pillow...I’m very impressed!

Best pillow I have ever had.

I’ve been sleeping on my suspension pillow for months. Gorgeous!