How it works
Gx for Physios Affiliate Scheme

The beauty of the Gx for Physios Affiliate Scheme is that there is no need for you to hold a stock of pillows.

The system is very simple, we issue you with a stack discount leaflets and a unique discount code to enter on these (please let us know when you need more leaflets). Your patient can place an order with us via this website or on our Freephone orderline: -

0800 316 2689

You can also publicise the discount code on social media, blog posts, email and any other channels that you use to communicate with your patients.

As long as they use the unique discount code when they order they are entitled to the free delivery discount and using the code also enables us to track sales attributable to you so that we can calculate your commission or charitable donation.

And it's risk free for you.

Your patients are also covered by our “30-day comfort guarantee”, if for any reason they are not completely satisfied with their purchase we will give them their money back. So there is no risk to you from dissatisfied patients – you may also be reassured to know that our returns rate is less than 2% which is extraordinarily low for an e-commerce business..

Your commission

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To sign up as a Gx for Physios Affiliate please

email Kevin or Alex

or call and speak to them on

Freephone 0800 316 2689

Or complete the webform below and Kevin or Alex will be in touch