Sitting up reading, then the Gx Support Pillow is for you

Suspension or Support – which should I buy?

There are two pillows in the Gx range, the Gx Suspension PillowTM and the Gx Support Pillow, and you may be wondering what the difference is – after all isn’t a pillow a pillow? If you have ever tried to sit up and read in an old-fashioned iron bedstead (like the bed in Bedknobs and Broomsticks) you’ll know exactly why we have two different pillows.

Our Gx Suspension PillowTM is a soft/medium pillow which is perfect for cradling your head and neck as you lie down to sleep. The internal ties act in conjunction with the luxurious hypoallergenic hollow fibre filling and gently pull the pillow in and up around your head and neck as you lay your head upon it. The ties significantly reduce the amount the pillow flattens and spreads during the night to help ensure you get a restful night’s sleep. If you suffer from waking in the night it may well be that you become increasingly uncomfortable as the night goes on – you’re not aware of it until you wake, frustrated, at 3am and frantically try and punch some life back into your pillow. Swap to a Gx Suspension PillowTM and pillow punching will be a thing of the past – sleep the night through on the pillow that keeps it’s shape.

Sitting up in a Victorian style bed demonstrates perfectly why we have a completely different pillow for that function – trying it with an old flattened pillow is a recipe for back ache. For sitting up you need a firmer pillow, one that offers more support for your back and shoulders. The Gx Support Pillow does exactly that, it uses the same principle of internal ties as the Gx Suspension Pillow but they are more substantial and help to secure your posture in a sitting position. It's the most comfortable pillow for the upright position, we even recommend it for use on the sofa in place of conventional cushions – try it and an evening in front of the television will never be the same again.

Two different functions, two different pillows, it’s as simple as that – and to make it even easier for you, our discounted multi-pack has one of each type, saving you money compared with buying the pillows individually.