Gx Pillows

The sleep environment

There are a number of steps you can take to ensure that you are maximising your chances of a good night’s sleep. In the first of a series of blog post, Gx Pillows is sharing some tips on how to get the bedroom environment right.


Our bodies are naturally programmed to sleep during the hours of darkness so bright lights are a bedroom no-no. A dim light that fades slowly as your body winds down is best and a light which slowly brightens in the morning will wake you gently. Electronic devices emit a harsh blue LED light so try not to use mobile phones, tablets or laptops in the hour before you sleep.


16 – 18C is the ideal sleeping temperature as the body cools down to sleep; much warmer than that and you may find yourself restless, much cooler and you’ll have difficulty getting to sleep. Older people and young children may need the room a little warmer, perhaps 18 - 20C.


Some types of noise interrupt sleep, others promote it and different people react differently to noise levels both when trying to get to sleep and when sleeping. Find out what works for you, your partner might like a recording of waves gently lapping on a beach, if you don’t, remember soft foam earplugs are always an option.


It’s an often quoted statistic that we spend a third of our lives in bed so the right mattress is crucial but the fact is that the same statistic applies to how much time we spend with our head on a pillow. That’s why here at Gx Pillows we say “a great night’s sleep starts with a great pillow. The Gx Suspension PillowTM cradles the head and neck gently and keeps its shape all night long ensuring you make the most of those precious sleeping hours.