The three pillars of good health…

The three pillars of good health…

Consult any Doctor and they will tell you that diet, exercise and sleep are the three pillars of good health. We spend a mind boggling amount of money on diets and exercise but a surprising number of us put up with night after night of poor quality sleep. 

We tend to think that when we are asleep, aside from the occassional vivid dream, nothing much is happening. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth, sleep plays a crucial part in our health and wellbeing as the time when both body and mind repair and regenerate.

Our brains process thoughts and experiences while we sleep, working like a computer to move information from the short-term memory into the more robust long-term memory. Deprived of sleep we find it much harder to perform mental tasks, tired people cannot retain or recall information as well as those who are well rested.

Simultaneously the body is undergoing a vast array of chemical processes; cells are repaired, muscles grow, hormones are synthesised. That is why professional athletes and their coaches place such an importance on sleep, disturbed sleep impacts negatively on all of these restorative activities.

Sleep is the foundation of physical and mental health. Here at Gx Pillows we believe a good night’s sleep starts with a good pillow. If you have difficulty getting off to sleep, or find yourself waking in the night or earlier in the morning than you would like try swapping to the Gx Suspension Pillow. It feels fabulous when you first place your head on it at bedtime and the revolutionary internal ties ensure that it keeps its shape, gently cradling your head and neck all through the night.