Medium-soft or Medium-firm - which should I buy?

Medium-soft or Medium-firm - which should I buy?

You’ll probably have noticed that we have recently added a Medium-firm version of our Gx Suspension Pillow to our product range. While we have helped tens of thousands of people to sleep better with the original Medium-soft Gx Suspension Pillow we had a handful of customers contact us to say they loved the pillow but they would like something just a little firmer.

A couple of months of experimentation followed, with some producted testing carried out for us by some of those customers and we have now launched the Medium-firm. If you need help choosing which pillow to go for, this is the technical difference…

The Medium-firm has an extra 100g of the special conjugated hollow-fibre filling (conjugated hollow-fibre works like tiny springs) so it has 600g rather than 500g – it is still lovely and soft but just a little firmer. People often ask if our pillows are like memory foam pillows – the truth is they couldn’t be more different. A memory foam pillow is heavy, dense and can feel quite hard and unforgiving whereas both the Medium-soft and Medium-firm Gx suspension Pillows are as light as a standard hollow-fibre pillow but with the special support that our magic internal ties give.

It’s difficult to recommend which to choose as pillow softness/comfort is so subjective but unless the customer specifically requests a firmer pillow we generally suggest going with Medium-soft and seeing how you get on. The other option is to buy a Twin Pack containing one of each – you can select this from the drop-down box on the Twin Pack product page.

Whichever you chose you’ll find it unlike any other pillow you have tried - both soft and supportive - sounds contradictory but it’s true and you have to try it to believe it.

Sleep well!

PS – if you are wondering about the Gx Support Pillow you can find out the difference between that and the Gx Suspension Pillow on our earlier Blog Post here.