Gx Suspension Pillow 2nd Generation (Medium-soft)

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The Gx Suspension Pillow is the perfect sleeping pillow. Our Medium-soft version is the original, the unique patented internal ties (the first of their kind in the world) pull the pillow up and in to gently cradle the head and neck, providing comfort that lasts through the night. If you’ve forgotten the pleasure of a great night’s sleep try the Gx Suspension Pillow, it’s the pillow that hugs you back. The NEW second generation Gx Suspension Pillow features: -

  • 100% Cotton Shell for a softer more luxurious feel
  • Our special Polycoz filling for even greater comfort
  • Integral vented end to keep you and the pillow cool

The Gx Suspension PillowTM and the Gx Support Pillow each utilise a variation on a revolutionary internal structure that ensures a new level of comfort and support.

Founder Alexander Miles, a furniture and domestic product designer, took apart dozens of pillows to solve the riddle of how to stop them spreading and flattening through the night. It’s this change in shape in a conventional pillow that leads to reduced comfort as the night progresses and can cause you to wake.

Alexander’s flash of design inspiration for the Gx Pillow was to incorporate a system of internal ties across the centre of the pillow – these ties perform two distinct structural functions to keep the pillow in its most comfortable and supportive ‘plumped’ state.

As pressure is applied to the pillow the ties work to counter spreading and flattening by pulling the pillow inwards and upwards; and by effectively turning the pillow into compartments the ties also act to hold the hypoallergenic hollow fibre filling in place. This unique innovation is the first of its kind in the world and has an international patent pending.

Alexander realised through experimenting with the width of the ties that he was able to produce different levels of resistance and therefore could vary the level of support within the pillow.

The Gx Suspension PillowTM is the sleeping pillow; it has a narrow set of ties, configured like two Xs, cradling your head and neck gently to ensure that you remain comfortable throughout the night. The Gx Suspension PillowTM is available in original Medium-soft format and Medium-firm for those who prefer a slightly firmer pillow.

The Gx Support Pillow is the sitting pillow; it has more substantial and wider ties forming a fabric web and giving a firmer feel, securing your posture in a sitting position by supporting your shoulders and back.

The Gx Camper Pillow is a compact pillow with the same ties as the Gx Suspension Pillow, it's perfect for camping, caravanning or boating - in fact anywhere that space is at a premium but comfort is still required.

Gx Suspension Pillow 2nd Generation (Medium-soft)

Customer Reviews

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Christine S.
Wonderful pillow

I am thrilled with my pillow. Have had the pillow for 21 nights and have been painfree every Morning, no sore neck or headache. Thank you


Brilliant pillow. Definitely improved my sleep pattern. Should have bought one sooner. 😊

Corinne Hancock
Comfy pillows

I absolutely love these pillows.Over the years I’ve wasted so much money on pillows and at last have found the perfect pillow for me


I bought this pillow which was the same one it was replacing and I am very disappointed. It is not the same as my original one it has far too much stuffing in it so not at all comfortable. Will not buy again.


2nd one - Great to sleep on